Get referencing right
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Get referencing right

Choosing the right reference for an individual tenancy is important because every situation is different.

That’s why we’ve created a wide range of quality, robust products to suit you and your landlord’s specific requirements.

Every reference we offer provides real, unbiased and accurate analysis of the facts, making it easier to lock in security so you have more confidence in your decision to let.

Our specialist account managers always recommend you select the right product, at the right price, for the right situation.

  • For meticulous checks that meet all your legal requirements, choose Reference Plus.

This 3-in-1 great value bundle ensures you comply with current Right to Rent obligations and Anti-Money Laundering regulations. It can help you win new instruction by demonstrating the professionalism and care being taken to prevent fraudulent applications and so protect your landlord’s business.

Reference Plus includes:
  • your choice of reference
  • an in-depth Know Your Customer check that proves an applicant’s identity and residency, and confirms that they are not a high risk individual or involved in any fraudulent activity
  • MRZ analysis, providing additional security by analysing the code on a passport or visa to determine if it’s been tampered with.
Know Your Customer and MRZ are also available as standalone products. 

Reference Plus saves time and is easy to use; it eliminates paper-based documentation and is fully integrated with the bespoke Rent4sure system - order with just one click of a button.
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  • For agents who want a swift, safe and easy way to access accurate financial information, try our Open Banking Reference.

Your applicant fills in our dynamic form, saving you time and effort, and gives permission to view their income and other relevant details from their bank account. Applicants won’t have to share passwords or login details with anyone other than their own bank or building society.

Detailed results are returned swiftly, with a comprehensive and easy to understand Final Report that interprets the facts for you.
Find out more here

  • For a traditional standard reference that delivers reliable results rapidly, choose from a Credit Check or Full Reference. You’ll receive a detailed insight into a tenant’s profile and have a clear result – accepted or declined.

A Full Reference also provides a detailed Income Report and a Previous Tenancy Report, including Landlord or Managing Agent references.

We also provide Company References, providing all the detailed information you need to assess suitability for tenancy.

Download a sample Final Report here.

Don’t forget that every customer can benefit from an extra layer of added protection, courtesy of our free Bank Verification service.

At no extra charge, this additional check verifies that the account details are genuine - preventing any nasty surprises later down the line from potential fraudulent data.

There are so many more ways to reference with Rent4sure.

Why not book a chat or demo with one of our expert account managers, so we can show you how everything works and answer any questions.

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