Letting agents are being urged to keep themselves and their customers safe

by choosing digital solutions wherever possible.

The government advises that the way to manage customer contacts is by minimising the number of unnecessary visits to offices. Connecting remotely is one of the ways to meet this objective.

As the move back to office-based life continues, agents are having to work out how best to reduce the number of personal interactions without affecting the quality of their service.

To help with social distancing and staying ‘Covid-secure’, Rent4sure is advising customers to use digital and online referencing checks wherever possible.

Having the right products means agents can continue to provide the levels of service that their landlords and tenants expect, while staying compliant with government guidance and taking all steps necessary to keep everyone safe.

Chief Operating Officer Luke Burton says recent advances in communications and information technology are the key to helping customers continue trading effectively in a post lockdown environment.

“Digital solutions like our Know Your Customer check, for example, allow agents to safely verify an applicant’s identity in seconds without having to take physical documents.

“It’s quick, convenient and secure and also means agents don’t have to depend on the information applicants want them to see.”

Know Your Customer adds security and confidence to your business by providing a key insight into your prospective tenants.

In-depth searching accesses the most up-to-date accessible information from multiple sources and demonstrates that you’re taking all reasonable steps to verify a prospective tenant’s identity and ensure a safer tenancy.

When used as part of your usual Anti-Money laundering procedures, this service helps you conform to regulations and reduces the need to take paper-based documents other than a photographic ID, which you are still responsible for.

The results are detailed and comprehensive with a clear result. You’ll quickly know if your applicant has passed or failed and will receive a full report.

Know Your Customer can be added to your usual reference or ordered instantly as an independent check from your Agent Suite. It’s also included as standard in our cost-effective 3-in-1 bundle, Reference Plus.

You can see exactly how Know Your Customer works here.

To find out more, or to talk to your account manager about how we can best support you, contact us today on 0330 088 3774 or click here.

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