Powerful lettings software + one-to-one personal support = win-win
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Powerful lettings software + one-to-one personal support = win-win

Rent4sure is bringing innovation and tradition together so letting agents can grow their business with security and confidence.

The company’s unique, custom-built software platform allows agents instant access to one of the most powerful and efficient cloud-based lettings solutions on the market.

The latest referencing software combines with classic traditional support to create a seamless, contemporary service fit for today’s lettings market.

The system is centred on the property, keeping everything in one place so busy agents can stay organised and up to date at all times. Intuitive and easy to navigate, the system can be accessed at any time on any device and has full connectivity when working on the move.

Rent4sure’s in-house team of developers deploy the latest technological advances to evolve and safeguard the system and software. Features are regularly updated, keeping customers compliant with industry and legislative regulations as soon as they happen.

Technology and customer service work hand in hand to give customers the complete package.

A dedicated account manager is assigned to every agent so that knowledge and trust can be built for the long term. Offerings can be flexed to suit individual needs and landlord preferences. In addition to one-to-one training, support and guidance from the account manager, specialist referencing teams oversee every stage of the process leaving agents more time to manage their own business.

Chief Operating Officer Luke Burton says that Rent4sure’s status as an independent company gives it the ability to respond rapidly to change – whether this is through technological advances, new agent income streams or additional products and services.

Burton believes in taking every opportunity to move forward. “We’re a can-do company that encourages our work force to think outside of the box and we’re not afraid to innovate and develop new ideas.

“We make sure that any initiatives which make the grade are always properly evaluated and tested before being rolled out, so that agents can be absolutely sure they’re getting the best we can offer them.”

To find out more about how Rent4sure can add security and confidence to your business, or to request a one-to-one system demo, call today on 0330 088 3774 or
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