Pre-tenancy is here
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Pre-tenancy is here

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand new pre-tenancy feature. 

Creating and managing your new tenancies, from referencing to move in, is now quick and easy from the comfort and security of your agent suite.

The right tool for the job

Our innovative, cloud-based pre-tenancy solution is reliable, secure and easy to navigate - and comes without the burden of any extra expense or multiple platforms.

Seamless integration on one powerful platform

As with all our usual referencing services, our new pre-tenancy feature integrates seamlessly within Rent4sure’s powerful system. There’s no need for any special software - simply log on to your agent suite from your usual device.

Free of charge

Pre-tenancy setup is included when you order a reference. Our agents don’t pay any subscription to join us and are not tied into a contract.

Thousands of letting agents trust Rent4sure with their referencing services every single month, taking advantage of the many indispensable features our award-winning lettings platform offers.

Our best customer experience ever
Your pre-tenancy dashboard lets you keep track of applications and avoid compliance worries. Merging convenience with technological advances, your data’s secure and easily accessible. Our system guides you through every step, leaving nothing to chance.

Everything you need to manage your pre-tenancy process

• Keeps you notified, compliant, and on track at each stage
• Access to a library of fully approved pre-tenancy template documents
• Customise pre-tenancy documents to your own specifications
• Add, update and manage bank accounts
• Confirm receipt of the holding deposit
• Quickly issue the relevant documents
• Dedicated tenant portal
• Secure digital signing
• Manage property utilities
• Order insurance, such as Legal Expenses cover and Rent Protection.

Pre-tenancy is here. Discover how our great new feature can work for you.
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