Rent4sure launches new Open Banking Reference – accurate, detailed and secure.
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Rent4sure launches new Open Banking Reference – accurate, detailed and secure.

Rent4sure’s new Open Banking Reference is our most technically advanced reference yet, giving agents a safe and easy way to access accurate financial information.

Open Banking is a secure way to allow customers of UK-regulated banks to share their financial information with authorised providers – safely and with permission.

Using the most up-to-date digital technology, our Open Banking Reference provides a true snapshot of your applicant’s finances so you can make an informed decision on whether to let. Capturing data in this way allows the facts to speak for themselves in a quick and secure environment.

It’s simple and safe. Your applicant fills in our dynamic form, saving you time and effort, and gives permission to view their income and other relevant details from their bank account.

The technology is established, and proven safe and secure. Applicants won’t have to share passwords or login details with anyone other than their own bank or building society.

The Open Banking Reference provides a Credit Check; Income Analysis including employment details; lists of any County Court Judgments and Bankruptcies, plus any previous linked addresses.

You get an overview of your applicant’s monthly income over the entire past year and the sources of that income, and see a true account of their financial and address history, to help you make an assessment about their suitability as a tenant.
With our Open Banking Reference, you also receive additional information from other sources as standard.

At no extra cost, you can receive either or both of the following options:

  • a previous Landlord Reference
  • an Employment Reference, including further income details

With all your referencing needs taken care of, our innovative system does the rest making swift and secure tenant referencing even easier.

To find out more about our new Open Banking Reference, or to talk to your account manager about how we can support you, contact us today on 0330 088 3774 or 
click here.