We’re here to help you offset the tenant fees ban

— investing in real life solutions that work for you, your tenants and your landlords.

Between now and June, Rent4sure is introducing a number of exciting new product releases and innovations that are designed specifically to help our customers overcome the challenges presented by the fees ban.

As a leading specialist supplier to the lettings industry, we have the expertise, the experience and the resources to help you prosper after June 1st.

We are investing in real life solutions that work for you, your tenants and your landlords.

Working closely with thousands of customers every single month ensures we understand that each agent is unique. Your personal account manager knows you and your business, and will be working in partnership with you to create a bespoke action plan that makes the most of all our solutions.

This will provide every Rent4sure agent with on-going and reliable sources of revenue to help replace the lost tenant fee income.

Our commitment to customers doesn’t end here. We’ll also be helping you increase the value of the service you can offer to your landlords and tenants, while making sure you keep compliant.

Rent4sure gives you the best of all worlds. As a traditional supplier providing quality service and support at a transparent, fair price, we’re also leading the way in utilising the latest technology. Our smart solutions help protect security and data, identify fraud, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Agents also benefit from a customised agent suite that tracks and integrates every stage of the referencing process, providing frictionless B2B collaboration and a wealth of personalised information and guidance.

While technology is a cornerstone of our business, overseen by our in-house team of expert web developers, we back this up with personal support from dedicated specialist teams.

As a valued Rent4sure customer, we’re here to support and protect you through this most challenging period. Watch out for news of our product launches as they happen – we’ll make sure you won’t miss a thing and will be on hand whenever you need us.

To find out more, or to speak to your account manager, contact us today on 0330 088 3774 or click here.

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