Right to Rent Checks

Our new Right to Rent Check facility provides you with an easy way to ensure you are conducting Right to Rent Checks in line with the Immigration Act 2016.

Right to Rent

Right to Rent stages

Our Right to Rent checks help you follow the government's guidance on checking immigration documents.

Each check consists of three stages that follow the three golden rules:



The first stage requires you to obtain the immigration documents that prove the applicant's right to rent in the UK. We keep track of the types of document being kept for easy searching.



During the second stage you must check the validity of the documents in the presence of the applicant whom the documents pertain to. At this stage you can record the expiry date of each document - allowing us to keep you informed when documents are about to expire.



The last part of the Right to Rent Check is taking copies of the documents that you have checked. This is a mandatory practice and helps keep you protected. You can upload document copies alongside the rest of the information, so you can review all aspects of a check with ease.

  Renewal Reminders

When performing Right to Rent Checks, you will be prompted to record the expiry dates of the documents that you are checking. We store this information alongside the check and let you know when the documents are expiring so you can fulfill your legal obligation to check them again. Reminders are made via the Agent Suite and also via email, so you will always be aware when your applicants' travel documents are about to expire.

  Agent Suite integration

All Right to Rent functionality is fully integrated with the bespoke Rent4sure system. This allows integration of Right to Rent Checks in your current Referencing process to be hassle-free and completely seamless.

MRZ Analysis

Many modern travel documents have machine-readable zones. This is an area of the document that conforms to a specific layout so that it may be read by MRZ scanners. On a passport, it is the two lines at the bottom of the photograph page. This code contains all of the information contained in the document itself and is used for verification.

Rent4sure's new MRZ Analysis tool asks you to enter the MRZ code from a travel document. We then perform the same analysis on this code that you would expect from an MRZ scanner and present the uncovered information. This allows you to determine if a travel document has been tampered with.

  Easy compliance with complex legislation

When new legislation is enacted by the government it isn't always easy to decipher what your responsibilities are as an Agent or Landlord from all of the legalese.

Rent4sure keeps track of all relevant legislation and provides clear and friendly information and advice. We have ensured that our new Right to Rent features keep you within the law and aware of what your obligations are.

  Linked to References

Right to Rent Checks are linked to References already on the system. The benefits of this include:

  • Being able to easily find checks for a particular applicant.
  • Not having to re-enter the applicant's information, as it can be sourced from their Reference.

  Continue anytime

Once a Right to Rent Check has been initiated, you are not required to finish it on the spot.

You can complete each stage of the check at your own leisure and check back at any time to finish it off. Using the Agent Suite you can easily search and find all checks at particular stages.