Comprehensive Tenant Referencing

We offer three types of tenant reference - a Credit Check, a Full Reference, and a Company Reference. Clearly presented, our comprehensive Final Reports give you a clear result, alongside all the information to help you be confident in your decision to let.

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Credit Checks

Within seconds, our Credit Check provides a detailed insight into a Tenant's credit profile. You will receive a clear result - accepted or declined. The document will report any adverse credit history, such as County Court Judgments and Bankruptcies and Insolvencies.

We obtain previous residency addresses, Electoral Roll data, and demographic CAMEO information.

Full References

Our Full Reference includes all the features of a Credit Check, plus full Income and previous Landlord / Managing Agent references.

The Income Report provides confirmation of multiple sources of income, bonuses (guaranteed or non-guaranteed), savings, employment contract dates, and a personal declaration as to whether or not their employer finds the applicant honest, reliable, and trustworthy.

The Previous Tenancy report provides confirmation of the rent they paid, the condition they left the property in, any arrears, and whether or not the Landlord would re-let to the applicant.

Company References

We are able to provide references on companies, as well as individual Tenants. Similar to an individual's reference, a Company Reference gives you a credit score, enabling Agents to assess suitability for tenancy.

We provide an explanation that summarises the company's financial position, and their likelihood to be able to afford to pay the rent.

We obtain detailed information from Companies House, including incorporation dates, classification, accounting details, credit limits, and company share capital.

In addition, we list the names, addresses, and dates of birth of all the company's Directors.

Security with Bank Verification

Our Bank Verification service gives you added protection and security - saving you time when it comes to vetting a potential tenant.

Simple to Use

Your applicant simply provides their bank account number and sort code as part of the referencing process. We will make sure that the details they have provided are for a genuine bank account.

Free of Charge

At no extra charge, this additional check verifies that the account details are genuine - preventing any nasty surprises later down the line from potential fraudulent data.

Bank Verification

Sample Final Report

Our comprehensive Final Reports reveal a detailed summary of risk, including Credit Reports, Income References, and Landlord References.

Credit Report

We pass or fail an applicant based on their Credit Score - a score of 545 or above is a pass. In addition, we collect demographic CAMEO data, linked addresses, bankruptcies, insolvencies, and electoral roll data, to allow you to make a more informed decision.

With a Credit Check, we return your Final Report instantly - just seconds after you hit submit. Over 90% of our Full References are completed within 48 hours.

Make the process even quicker by getting your Tenants to fill in the required information using our Tenant Complete system.

Income and Landlord References

We reference multiple sources of income including earnings, savings and benefits, to establish an Applicant's ability to afford the rent.

Where applicable, we contact Managing Agents or Landlords for an assessment of an Applicant's current or previous tenancy term.

Download Sample Final Report