Quick and easy referencing to get you moving

Applying for a new tenancy can sometimes be a little daunting, but when your letting agent works with Rent4sure you know you’re in safe hands.

Completing your reference online is easy

Completing your reference online is easy

If you’ve been sent an email asking you to complete your tenant or guarantor reference, then please follow the secure link in the email which will take you to your tenant portal. From here you’ll be guided through the steps to complete your reference.

Your information will stay safe

Any information you share with us is absolutely safe. We fully comply with GDPR regulation and all other legal responsibilities. We'll only hold your data for a limited time and it’s always deleted from our system once it is no longer required.

Your information will stay safe
You won't need to give us more information than is necessary

You won't need to give us more information than is necessary

We never take more information than we need to verify the facts and we aim to make the process as simple, transparent and speedy as possible for everyone concerned.

We can help you protect your tenancy deposit

Accidents happen, no matter how careful you are. If your landlord's property, furniture, fittings or fixtures are damaged, you could be asked to pay for the repair or replacement, or even lose your deposit.

Tenants' Liability Insurance can help protect all your landlord’s property, furniture, fixtures and fittings for which you are legally responsible. For ease and convenience, you also have the option to add your own contents cover.

Tenants' Liability Insurance

Comprehensive and flexible insurance for your possessions and your landlord's property.

Key Features

  • £10,000 liability cover included as standard.
  • Optional contents cover for possessions against incidents such as fire, flood and theft.
  • 14-day cooling off period, if you change your mind
  • Optional cover for loss or theft of keys.

Get in touch by calling 0333 332 3100 and one of our staff members will help find a policy that works best for you.