Quality referencing from Rent4sure - expertise, service and products you can trust.

Protect your business and your landlord’s property with the highest-quality tenant referencing from Rent4sure.

We use the latest technology, alongside tried and tested procedures, to validate all the essential information you require before approving a tenant.

Our skilled referencing teams specialise in helping to prevent fraudulent applications getting through. Many years of experience, working closely with thousands of customers every month, means you can rely on us for support and advice whenever you need it.

By making that small initial investment in top quality referencing, agents know they’re taking every measure to help their landlords avoid time consuming and stressful pitfalls such as having to recoup rent, evict tenants and repair damage to properties.

Now that the fees ban is in place, working with a specialist partner like Rent4sure helps you to maintain the standard of service your customers expect and provides you with support, training and protection.

For all the meticulous checks needed to safeguard and protect your landlords, we recommend using Reference Plus. 

Reference Plus includes:

  • a Full Reference or Credit Check
  • an in-depth Know Your Customer check - provides an authoritative profile of applicants
  • an MRZ Analysis - validates documents by analysing the code on a passport or visa to determine if it’s been tampered with

Getting referencing right is the first step to locking in protection. Whatever your individual requirements or circumstances, our comprehensive range of quality referencing products means you can chose the right option for you.

As an experienced, trusted and award-winning supplier, you can rely on Rent4sure for speedy and accurate referencing.

To find out more, or to speak to your account manager, contact us today on 0330 088 3774 or 
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