Rent4sure’s bespoke lettings platform makes referencing easier
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Rent4sure’s bespoke lettings platform makes referencing easier

With more than 2 million references completed since 2009, agents trust Rent4sure to deliver.

Our system is centred on the property, which means every stage of the referencing process is streamlined to create a frictionless user experience.

The right tools for the job

Using the latest smart technology, our custom-built platform integrates all the required information so properties can be managed in one place. Customers log into their agent suite and get instant access to one of the most powerful and efficient cloud-based lettings solutions on the market.

During lockdown, we’ve come to rely on accessible technology more than ever. With agents working from home and having to depend on their personal networks and sometimes their own devices, our system provides a reliable and easy way to stay connected. No need for special software - just a device with an internet connection.

Having a bespoke agent suite, that can be accessed from any location and device, gives customers the confidence that work can be started, returned to and completed to their own timings and convenience.

Meet Liam, Associate Director for IT & Products 

Liam is one of our most experienced software developers and has been troubleshooting technical issues for the company since 2014. He leads our development team in building new products and services, as well as providing tech support for the 80 staff employed across our offices in Whitfield, Reigate and Norwich.

Turning technical vision into reality 

Solving problems is second nature to Liam, ensuring that Rent4sure’s technical vision can be turned into reality. 

“It’s incredibly rewarding to build practical solutions, such as our automated email system which directs incoming mail to the correct reference,” says Liam. “With over 1000 emails received each day, I’m really proud of how much time this saves our specialist teams so they can get on with the job of completing references.” 

A typical day at the office starts with a stand-up meeting to brief the IT team on the latest news from across the business: “We discuss what the guys are working on, see who needs help and then it's usually straight on to building new products and features for our agents!” 

Having our own in-house developers, with their collective wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, means agents reap the benefits. 

“We work collaboratively and are not held back by bureaucratic processes and red tape like some other IT teams, so are very quick to adapt our system to meet customer needs.”

Glued to the PC 

Like many programmers, Liam’s love of computers started as a young boy by playing games and drawing pictures on the family PC: “When we got our first PC one Christmas, I was glued to it. I really wanted to understand how they worked so picked up some books from the local library on programming. 

“Once I figured out how you can make computers do whatever you want them to, I was hooked!” 

Turning hobby into career takes a lot of time and hard graft: “Probably the most important skill a programmer needs to develop is researching. You'll often come up against new things you may never have seen before, especially in tech where things change so quickly, so taking the time to research and understand new concepts and ideas and knowing when and how to use them is important.”

Entertaining the crowds
Music is also a passion for Liam, having studied Sound Design before joining Rent4sure. Away from work he loves to play bass guitar and over the years he’s entertained many a rowdy crowd playing pub gigs with local bands.

Meeting international standards 

Rent4sure’s advanced operating system makes referencing easier, safer and more streamlined. 

We’re certified under the prestigious ISO27001, the Information Security Standard, and our security policies and processes are externally audited every year. This means we’ve been independently assessed to an international standard based on industry best practices. 

To find out more about how Rent4sure can add security and confidence to your business, or to request a one-to one system demo, call today on 0330 088 3774 or click here.