Earn more and add value to your business
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Earn more and add value to your business

Good broadband links are an essential in every home but getting a high quality deal set up in time for the start of a tenancy can add to the stress of moving house.

Ensuring a reliable, fast connection and keeping costs down are priorities for most tenants but with so many options available it can be hard to know where to start.
Information about tenant-friendly media packages from a specialist broadband provider is a great way to help your applicants when they move house, while providing you with an opportunity to earn more.

It’s easy and convenient

Enabling your tenants to connect to tailor-made broadband deals, with flexible packages and contracts from a dedicated team of experts, makes moving home easier and less hassle.

At a time when there’s uncertainty in the market, putting in place additional income streams also creates more opportunities to protect your business and improve the services you offer. As a Rent4sure customer, we can help you with this.

We’re proud to be leading a new generation of partnerships and, as a group, have already paid out over £32 million in commission to our agents.

Many tenants are looking for fast, flexible and affordable media deals with great connectivity and want to discuss this with a provider who understands their specific needs. Having a complete package arranged and set up before the tenancy start date makes for a less stressful house move.

We take care of it all

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