Helping you make sense of the fees ban – guidance for letting agents.

The ban on tenant fees will come into force on 1 June and Rent4sure is here to help every customer be fully prepared.

We’re here to keep you up to date, help you understand how the act will affect agents, and what your rights and obligations are.

The government has issued new, detailed guidance explaining the legislation, and we advise all customers to read this.

As an introduction, we’ve provided an easy-to-view summary below.

From 1 June, agents will not be able to charge fees on new tenancies. Fees on existing contracts can still be charged for a further 12 months.

From 1 June, the only payments you can charge in connection with a tenancy are as follows:

Any fees charged that are not on this list will be a prohibited payment, outlawed under the ban.

If agents are uncertain whether a charge is permitted, government guidance advises that they should consider contacting Citizens Advice or obtain legal advice; contact their local trading standards authority or the lead enforcement authority.

Tenants cannot be evicted using Section 21 procedure until they have been repaid any unlawfully charged fees or been returned an unlawfully retained holding deposit. All other rules around the application of the S21 evictions procedure will continue to apply.

The government has issued new detailed guidance to give agents and landlords a detailed understanding as to how the ban should be practically implemented, and we advise all customers to read this and save the link for reference.

As a valued Rent4sure customer, we’re here to support and protect the future of your business through this most challenging period.

Between now and June we’re introducing a number of exciting new product releases and innovations that are designed specifically to help you overcome the challenges presented by the fees ban and replace the lost tenant fee income.

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